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Ginger has been known for nearly 2,000 years by various cultures all around the world. In some cultures, Ginger is liberally used in daily lifestyle. Ginger is one of nature’s perfect anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, it’s a rich source of antioxidant activities, ginger is a good source of anti-viral.

Product Description:    A water-based flavoured drink with fruit juices and mellow ginger juice.

Pamm ginger & citrus infused beverage will help to kick start your day. This Delicious juice drink refreshes your taste and quenches your taste with a boost of energy. This New exotic juice drinks it a great taste for making a various new cocktail mixer.   Packaging 24x250ml with screw top bottles and 12 months shelf life. Best served chilled, once opened store chilled and consume with 24 hours. Ingredient are sourced from approved BRC agent and broken UK

Product information

  • 100% juice mixture of ginger juice with no impurities.

  • Pamm ginger & citrus contains vitamin C, it’s  essential for proper functioning of the body.

  • A fruity warm flavor and mellow taste

  • Pamm ginger & citrus juice drink contains ingredients that have great nutritional value and it’s healthy.

  • The juice drink can help you get the therapeutic benefits

  • All natural flavors

Our ginger and citrus juices goes to hotels, pubs, airports, restaurants, retailers, stores and international

If you are a retailer or other department stores we will supply you some samples for trials and come in for promotional launch for pamm beverages.

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